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7 Foods That Are Keeping You from Harnessing the Power of Probiotics

7 Foods That Are Keeping You from Harnessing the Power of Probiotics

Your choice of foods can interfere with the functioning of beneficial bacteria that are needed by your gut and your digestive system to boost your metabolism, energize your body and strengthen your immune system. Probiotics are a sensible choice to enjoy superior health but if you want to make the most of your probiotic foods and supplements, you should avoid the following seven foods.


1. Hot and Spicy Foods

Hot and spicy foods release acids that create a hostile environment for your gut bacteria. Excessive intake of spicy foods can wreck havoc on your digestive system and upset the essential flora colonies which are responsible for regulating digestion and alleviating constipation. Certain spices kill the beneficial bacteria that are essential for promoting the health of your intestines and balancing your colon health.


2. Fried Snacks

More than 500 different bacterial strains thrive in your digestive system out of which 85% are beneficial and the remaining 15% are pathogenic strains. When you consume fried foods, they feed the bad bacteria that are linked to obesity and create an imbalance in the ratio of good and bad gut bacteria. This keeps the gut-friendly strains from performing their function of keeping the bad bacteria under control and their proportion is reversed. This tipping of balance invites digestive issues and leads to excessive gas and bloating.


3. Processed Foods

Processing eliminates much of the fiber which is of great value to good gut bacteria. When you consume highly processed foods frequently, your gut-friendly bacteria starve and perish because processed foods break down fast and are easily absorbed. The refined carbohydrates in processed foods deprive your gut bacteria of the goodness of fibers that help them survive and multiply.


4. Foods Containing Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners ferment after consumption and release gas. This creates discomfort and interferes with the functioning of probiotics. Artificial sweeteners alter your gut microbiome and bring down your metabolism rate leading to obesity and diabetes. They have a detrimental effect on the beneficial strains present in your gut and disrupt your gut flora.


5. Sweet and Sugary Foods

Whether you are taking probiotics in the form of foods or supplements, the bacterial strains are adversely affected by the acids present in sugary foods. Sugar intake leads to digestive troubles as the bad bacteria in your gut flora feed on sugar. High-sugar environments make it very difficult for the beneficial probiotic strains to survive in the digestive tract and gradually lead to weight gain and bloating.

6. Foods with High Pesticide Residue

Foods containing pesticides contribute to gluten intolerance and cause food allergies which actually arise due to an imbalance in the gut microbiome.


7. Genetically Modified Foodstuff

Foods that are genetically altered to deter pests are actually poisonous for good gut bacteria. The glyphosate found in genetically engineered foods is deadly for your gut flora and leaves you susceptible to infectious microbes.


The Best Way to Take Probiotic Pills

Probiotic foods are the best carriers of beneficial bacteria but if you are taking probiotic supplements, it is best to take them just before you have your meal or along with it. Taking them after your meal would do little to restore your gut flora as the stomach acids increase after a meal which makes it difficult for the beneficial bacteria to survive and thrive.

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